18th Of Every Month 8K8 Promotions – 8k8 Member Day

18th Of Every Month 8K8 Promotions – 8k8 Member Day

As an 8K8 member, you’ll get plenty of excellent bargains and nonstop surprises every month on Member Day. You can play whatever game you want without restriction to qualify for the bonus. If you have friends who have not yet joined, you can ask them to join the game and receive great rewards and surprises. Let’s learn more about 8k8 Member Day promotion.

Something about 8k8 betting house

Something about 8k8 betting house
Something about 8k8 betting house

8K8 is a new address in the market, so few players are aware of it and place orders at the house’s address. Suncity Group invested much in the bookmaker’s development and growth. 

Pursuing the experience based on the needs of the experiencer, the house provides the highest quality service, offering players numerous interesting experiences and expanding into the global market. As a result, the bookie condition is not possible because the house is still operational and has a large number of registrations.

The playground is a well-known award-winning betting house with a brand that offers numerous exciting promotional events and excellent value to its customers. Whether you are a new or veteran gamer, all members must register to receive promotional events.

On significant holidays, the bookie also hosts numerous large events, such as 8k8 Member Day promotions, to create a lively atmosphere in which bettors can participate. In addition, there are several incentives to trade prizes or campaigns to give away gaming tips, as well as the opportunity to play coin toss for incredibly appealing rewards.

About 8k8 Member Day

Every month on the 18th, 8K8 celebrates Member Day by providing members the opportunity to win random goodies worth up to 1 billion pesos. This offer is accessible to all members who have deposited and bet at 8K8 within 30 days of Member Day. The more you bet, the better your chances of getting a bonus. All qualifying members receive the Member Day Bonus at random.

How to claim the bonus:

  • Log in to your 8k8 Casino account on the 18th of the month to claim your Member Day Bonus.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each member may only earn one bonus per account, name, phone number, and IP address.
  • The incentive is not transferable and cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • The Casino retains the right to alter or discontinue the promotion at any moment.

Programs promotion for member of 8k8

To ensure that players do not miss any promotional programs at the house, we have listed a few programs below:

  • Register for an online casino and receive a 100% bonus on your first investment.
  • Members can receive a bonus of up to 2,000 PHP when they register to play games.
  • Members that generate betting revenue receive an immediate incentive worth 38 million VND every month.
  • Winning at E-sporting sporting halls will result in an immediate 150% bonus.
  • All members receive unlimited refund promos.
  • Enjoy extreme VIP benefits, including unlimited return rates of up to 0.8% every week.
  • Every day, online casino halls provide a 0.5 percent rebate.
  • Every day when you bet on sports or Esports, you will receive a 0.5% rebate.

Operation details of the promotion

Operation details of the promotion
Operation details of the promotion

Member Day promotions typically involve a series of steps and conditions to ensure that eligible members can participate and benefit from the promotion. Here’s a general overview of how the operation of the 8K8 Member Day promotion might work:

  • You can withdraw your money after one round of betting.
  • There is no need to apply to get incentives; they are distributed randomly.
  • Customer support cannot determine if your account is eligible for the bonus or how much bonus you have earned; the member bonus will be ordered one at a time and distributed randomly.
  • The outcome statistics are based on EST (12:00:00 on the day of the Philippines time to 11:59:59 the next day), and the bonus will be refunded in accordance with Philippine time.
  • A member can only receive one offer for the same account, name, phone number, and IP address.

How to join 8K8 Member Day Promotion

To join the K8 Member Day Promotion, follow these general steps:


If you’re not already a registered member of K8, sign up for an account on their website or mobile app. Make sure to provide your accurate information when registration process.

Check eligibility

Review the terms and conditions of the Member Day Promotion to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria. This may include factors such as your membership status, activity level, and any specific requirements set by K8.

Participate in Member Day

On the designated date(s) of the Member Day Promotion, actively engage with K8’s platform by playing eligible games, making deposits, or taking advantage of special offers.

Claim rewards

If you qualify for any rewards or bonuses as part of the Member Day Promotion, follow the instructions provided by K8 to claim them. This may involve visiting a specific section of the website, entering a promo code, or contacting customer support.

Comply with the promotion’s Terms and Conditions

Comply with the promotion’s Terms and Conditions
Comply with the promotion’s Terms and Conditions

Ensure that you adhere to all terms and conditions associated with the Member Day Promotion. This includes meeting any wagering requirements, using bonuses within the specified timeframe, and complying with other rules set by K8.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on K8’s website, promotional emails, and social media channels for updates and announcements about future Member Day Promotions and other special events.

Remember that specific details and procedures for joining the K8 Member Day Promotion may vary depending on the promotion’s design and the terms set by K8. Be sure to carefully review all information provided by K8 to ensure a smooth and enjoyable participation experience.

Don’t miss your chance to win big on Member Day! you collect the bonus, be sure you log in on time on the 18th of each month. With the 8K8 Member Day offer, you can win big and have a terrific gaming experience.

The Bonus of up to 1 billion pesos. You will have the opportunity to receive an 8k8 Member Day Bonus if you deposit and wagered within 30 days on no-limit games. The more you bet, the higher your chances of getting the bonus. To collect your bonus, you must log in on time on Member Day. If your friends have not yet joined the website, please encourage them to do so soon!

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CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

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